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Bike Chain Gear Oiler

Bike Chain Gear Oiler

Bike Chain Gear Oiler

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The unique design of this bicycle chain oiler avoids direct contact with lubricant, and you can easily clean the bicycle chain from now on!

When you put the oiler in your pocket, there will be no oil splashing around and no oil leakage. Move it, shake it-nothing will happen.

The easiest way to maintain a bicycle chain is to align the lubricator with the bicycle chain, and then rotate the bicycle pedal 2-3 times, so that the lubricant will be automatically and evenly delivered to the chain. The entire process takes only a few seconds.

The special disc design ensures that the internal lubrication wheel rotates under slight pressure on the bicycle chain and reliably and evenly delivers oil. It can store any type of low to medium viscosity chain oil in its micropores and liquid conductors.

It sticks magnetically to any metal surface. For ease of use, the lubricator has a finger mold to ensure a firm grip. You can simply stick the oiler magnetically to any metal surface in the workshop, so it can be used at any time.


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