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Floating Target Ball Shooting Game Airshot

Floating Target Ball Shooting Game Airshot

Floating Target Ball Shooting Game Airshot

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Compete against family and friends with the awesome Floating Shooter Game! The setup is simple; place the five balls on the pillars, turn on the game and the balls will be suspended in mid-air! Then compete to shoot down the balls as quickly as you can with the included foam dart blasters.




  • Master your sharpshooting skills by blasting the floating targets.
  • Shoot the floating balls down with your blasters.
  • Control the height of the balls by adjusting the pillars.
  • It comes with foam darts, blaster and styrofoam balls.
  • This game might be the perfect choice to have fun with friends.


  • HOVERING TARGETS: Aim a set of five floating targets with adjustable airflow for a multi-level experience
  • GLOW IN THE DARK[Version 2.0+ exclusive function]: Fun times have no curfew thanks to neon green accents on the targets and guns that glow in the dark
  • SOUND EFFECTS[Version 2.0+ exclusive function]: Enjoy a built-in speaker system for an extra interactive element to your experience or simply flip a switch and shoot in silence
  • DETACHABLE CLIPS: Keep up to twelve darts in the detachable clip for quick reloads and convenient storage

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