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Mobile Smartphone Controller Gamepad

Mobile Smartphone Controller Gamepad

Mobile Smartphone Controller Gamepad

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Are you ready to take your mobile gaming to the next level? 

Bring your A-game anytime, anywhere with this telescopic gamepad designed for universal use fitting most smartphones. Unlike most other gamepads that can cost hundreds of dollars, we wanted to bring an affordable option to our customers. 


Designed to bring the best gaming experience with you on-the-go wherever you are. Easy-to-transport, lightweight design ensures victory will follow wherever you go!

This gamepad will give you the ultimate leg-up on your competition. Some of our customers say this gamepad leveled them up so much, it felt like cheating!

See for yourself! 

ERGONOMIC DESIGN:  Gaming console controller feel designed for comfort to keep you feeling relaxed for long playing sessions and reduce hand fatigue. 


HEAT SINK: Built-in fan keeps your phone cool and prevents overheating during long playing sessions. 


UNIVERSAL DESIGN: Allows gamepad to adapt universally to all different sized smartphones. 


CHARGING PORTS: Left and right charging ports designed for convenient phone charging. 



EASY THEATER CONVERSION: Easily doubles as a charging stand for your phone to watch videos and movies on. 


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