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Wooden Tooth Fairy Box For Kids | Baby Tooth Keepsake

Wooden Tooth Fairy Box For Kids | Baby Tooth Keepsake

Wooden Tooth Fairy Box For Kids | Baby Tooth Keepsake

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- Perfect Gift: Every deciduous tooth is unique for the baby, because they are the memorable moments of your kids' growth. This is a creative gift for your friend or family who is a mother-to be, or just gave birth to a baby boy
- Collect your baby's teeth and give your baby a wonderful childhood memories
- It comes no paint, so you can paint it to make a unique memory box for baby boy.
- Inside the baby teeth holder, there is very clear English writing to record your child's profile, you can write on it with normal pen.
- This baby teeth storage box can store all milk teeth and it contains two compartments for baby's umbilical cord and lanugo.

Material:wooden + metal buckle
Using Tips: Please put the deciduous teeth in the boiling water for 5mins to sterilize, and make sure get it dry before put it into the teeth box

How to Keep The Tooth:
1.Wash the tooth totally and put it in boiling water for around five minutes.
2.Natural dry teeth. The sterilized teeth shall be put in a place with good ventilation.
3.Put the tooth in the Teeth Box and write down related information.

Remember those childhood days of losing teeth and waiting for the Tooth Fairy to come? You'd snuggle down into your bed and excitedly will yourself to sleep so morning would come and you could collect what she left you.

Now, it's your child's turn to experience the magic. How about turning the magic up a notch with a Tooth Fairy Box?

Our non-toxic box is eco-friendly and made from gorgeous wood. It is the ideal place for your kids to keep their teeth as the fall out. Each tooth is looked upon as a treasure. You can explain to your children that the Tooth Fairy allows them to keep their teeth in the box!

Another great feature of this box is it can be used as teaching tool for showing your children what each tooth is called. Each tooth compartment is labeled. How fun!


  • High quality eco-friendly pinewood
  • Capacity for 22 teeth
  • Two designs available: for boys and for girls
  • Box size: 12 x 11.5 x 3 cm (4.7 x 4.5 x 1.2 inch)



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